YouTube activated!

YouTube channel action!

First Marcelo Composer VLOG. Good idea? We need 100+ subscribers to get a custom URL for the channel! 

So it was a cool work day this wednesday 03/29/17
Lots got done but my head has been hurting for a couple of days now since baby Marcelo isn't letting us sleep. I'm trying out this vlog format and I got some Digital Performer Quick Tips in there which I'll be doing some quick tutorials on and linking to. Check back for those soon if you're into music composing for film and TV.

Thanks for watching and please leave a comment below so we can get this youtube channel moving along! Some good stuff is coming up.

Morning - Lego Stormtrooper Composer Assistant - Getting ready for School - Elevator Ride - Vancouver Rain - Preschool Glitter Shoes - Emma's Pjs - Breakfast - Super Readers - Template Building - Metropolis Ark 1 - VEP - Swing! 1.2 Update - Template Loading - New Astra Force show spotting/download - Custom Metagrid screen on iPad - Britta water - Bebesito - Fresas en la cara - Duplicate Track Layout in DP - Opening Movie in DP - Stylus RMX - Kids hangout/break - Mexican lentejas - Lego towers by Nina - Mute MIDI notes in DP - Recording stems - nap - Getting dark - Pjs - Night kisses - buenas noches.


Metropolis Ark -
Project Sam Swing! -
Metagrid for iPad  -
Digital Performer -
Vienna Ensemble Pro -

Es momento de empezar a utilizar Youtube. Yo sé ya pasó rato pero bueno aquí estamos. Lo primero es lograr tener 100+ suscriptores para poder ponerle al canal su custom URL. Entonces espero puedan ayudar compartiendo para lograrlo! Abrazo
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This took a while to get around to (years ;)) and it definitely took a lot of work hours but we're here.

Here's the updated version of

In designing the new site I felt like I wanted more of my personality and current life feel to be reflected on the site and after lots of trying different styles and ideas, I ended up using photos I've taken that I really like. Some of these photos are of my studio, my hometown of Vancouver and of my family. I'll be switching the background photos periodically to give the site a new feel.

I'll be making some changes as things roll out but finally, there is new music to listen to on the site and a Blog to record news and updates as they happen. Please let me know what you think by sending me a message through the contact form and I'll move stuff around to make it better. I'd appreciate the feedback.

Thank you all for your patience and for visiting.