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First Marcelo Composer VLOG. Good idea? We need 100+ subscribers to get a custom URL for the channel! 

So it was a cool work day this wednesday 03/29/17
Lots got done but my head has been hurting for a couple of days now since baby Marcelo isn't letting us sleep. I'm trying out this vlog format and I got some Digital Performer Quick Tips in there which I'll be doing some quick tutorials on and linking to. Check back for those soon if you're into music composing for film and TV.

Thanks for watching and please leave a comment below so we can get this youtube channel moving along! Some good stuff is coming up.

Morning - Lego Stormtrooper Composer Assistant - Getting ready for School - Elevator Ride - Vancouver Rain - Preschool Glitter Shoes - Emma's Pjs - Breakfast - Super Readers - Template Building - Metropolis Ark 1 - VEP - Swing! 1.2 Update - Template Loading - New Astra Force show spotting/download - Custom Metagrid screen on iPad - Britta water - Bebesito - Fresas en la cara - Duplicate Track Layout in DP - Opening Movie in DP - Stylus RMX - Kids hangout/break - Mexican lentejas - Lego towers by Nina - Mute MIDI notes in DP - Recording stems - nap - Getting dark - Pjs - Night kisses - buenas noches.


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Es momento de empezar a utilizar Youtube. Yo sé ya pasó rato pero bueno aquí estamos. Lo primero es lograr tener 100+ suscriptores para poder ponerle al canal su custom URL. Entonces espero puedan ayudar compartiendo para lograrlo! Abrazo
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Rebel Pope (National Geographic International) Original Score

Rebel Pope. National Geographic Channel. Original Score

It was a typical Sunday evening here at home in rainy Vancouver and like my wife and I try to do every Sunday evening, we were scrambling to find new activities to keep both our girls from eye-gouging boredom when I happened to check my Twitter feed and read a tweet by NatGeo that said that the show Rebel Pope would be airing in less than 20 minutes in Latin America.

It's cool to say that even before I thought about doing the whole social media promotion tweeting and composer marketing/sharing, I thought of alerting my parents and close friends to the fact that the show was about to air. It's still nice to know that sharing cool projects and accomplishments with family are at the top of my list. This reminds me what the real reasons for doing what we do as creative professionals are and the main one is to show off how very cool people we are. I'm kidding. :) of course, the reason we do what we do is to bring to life new, interesting and emotional experiences for others and ourselves. Maybe in the process of creating and sharing, we're also growing and evolving as professionals and as individuals.

My parents broadcast via FaceTime to me some of the show as it aired (not the ideal monitoring of audio and final mix one dreams about) as I can't see it here in Canada. I think them doing that made the experience of catching the show live even better. It's always exciting to listen to one's music on screen the first time it airs or screens.

Composing the score for the docu-drama Rebel Pope for National Geographic International was a really cool experience. My composer friends know how this works and this project wasn't the exception, it was composed, produced, mixed and delivered in half the time we ideally would like to have but that's one of the many challenges one has to overcome during the process (not sleeping and keeping one's sanity included). Meeting your delivery date with material everyone is happy with (including yourself) is the ultimate goal. We're required to be as much problem solvers as composers/producers. Thankfully, in the end, everything worked out well. I'm excited about the music for the show.

All Cues for 48 Min Version

I had the great opportunity to work with FoxTelecolombia again and what a great production team they're running. They always impress me with their professionalism and the quality of their projects. I also had the chance to work for the first time with the award-winning producer, writer and director Patrick Reams. Our Skype sessions were relaxed, productive and very on point as to where the music should venture to. Great experience.

Cue TM1 Rebel Pope Intro

If you're in Latin America I believe it'll be playing this week repeatedly. Check out National Geographic Channel for programming times. I'll copy paste a brief text from a press release below that includes a description of the show. Please let me know if you do see the docu-drama what your thoughts on the score were.

Thank you for reading and in other cool news, this will be one of the few initial Blog Posts up on the new version of my website. I've included some tracks from Rebel Pope below. I've also added Rebel Pope to the Latest Project cover page which you can check out and share here. I'll write more about the score on the Blog soon.

Have a great week everyone and thank you for reading and listening.

Marcelo Trevino.


Produced by Fox Telecolombia, part of Fox International Channels, the hour-long special Rebel Pope tracks the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio – otherwise known as Pope Francis – from childhood to his rise through the church’s hierarchy.

The docu-drama interweaves scripted accounts of his pre-Vatican life with exclusive interviews with those closest to him during this time.

Written and directed by award-winning producer Patrick Reams, filming on the biopic took place in Argentina and Colombia. It is to be broadcast globally on National Geographic Channel across 171 countries in early 2016.


El Monstruo Informal Original Score

Camus Film después del éxito internacional de su serie web "Por el Último Round" nos presenta con una nueva serie web documental de 10 episodios acerca de la red que se teje en el comercio informal (ambulantes, puestos fijos, puestos semi-fijos) en Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Los capítulos están siendo presentados cada miércoles y faltan 5 por subir.
Mas adelante un post completo del proceso de score musical de El Monstruo Informal/

Les copio por acá los links para que no se la pierdan.

El Mounstro Informal en Facebook

Fecha de Estreno para "Por el Último Round" (versión largometraje)!

Listos para la premier del documental/reality Por el Último Round de Camus Films en su versión de largometraje. No se lo pierdan. Este largometraje documental, documenta el camino al campeonato mundial de boxeo de Francisco "Chihuas" Rodríguez.

Estará proyectándose en la CINETECA NL de Parque Fundidora, del 10 al 27 de Mayo.

Me cuentan si les gusta el score original.

Escuchen algo de la música de la serie en el audio en este post. Pronto subiré un post completo de Por el Último Round con mas ejemplos y quizá una entrevista con los creadores de la serie web y ganadores de premios internacionales, Mariale Espinoza y Antonio Guajardo.

10 al 27 de Mayo CINETECA NL Parque Fundidora

Trailer de la serie "Por el último round". Sinopsis: se documenta el camino al campeonato mundial de boxeo de Francisco "Chihuas" Rodríguez.